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Thursday, February 23, 2012

easter craft and upcycling

Hey there readers!

I had seen a tutorial quite a while ago and always wanted to give it a go... and guess what.. it was so much fun! The kiddies will love it even more because it involves scissors, glue and loads of teeny tiny pieces of paper!! if you are looking for a fun way to make an easter present this year.. read on!! I can also mention here that this is a reuse and recycle tutorial and is also PERFECT for kids with allergies!!!! I know first hand how hard it is for kids and mums at easter when there is a dairy, nut or egg allergy in the family.. so you guys must do this! Its a great (and much more fun) alternative to egg dying!

here we go...

first of all.. you will need..

 a magazine, scissors, glue an egg carton ( you can also use a plastic one that contains chocolate easter eggs) and some ribbon ( not pictured!)

cut some thin strips.... no need to measure or anything.... just cut the pages as you wish

then cut the strips into smaller pieces to make magazine confetti! CUTE!

put some glue on your egg carton.. I did the top first and then the sides

 here comes the fun bit!!!!.... sprinkle the confetti onto the glue
cover the top and sides of the lid! looks good so far right?

close up........!!!

add some easter eggs or lollies or anything you like really!!! use the rest of the confetti and pour it over the top....

tie some ribbon around the carton and VOILA!.....

 you have the cutest upcycled Easter gift to give away at this special time of year....

while you are at it... you can also make a card with letters from the magazine..... do as little or as much as you like!


photography by frangipani designs

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  1. cool idea...i might get on to this...

  2. very bright and great paper craft how fun :)